be elsewhere.

تواصل معنا

About NotTrees initiative

NotTrees is an initiative based on the simple idea that humans are not trees! As for a human, it is possible to change his/her place of residence if determined to do so.

We encourage, inspire, and advice people who are unhappy about their current place of living to move and find somewhere else where they think they could be happier.

A catalyst of this project is that a lot of people want to change places but they lack the right instruments and/or the high motive to do so. We are here to help!

Who are we?

We are data-driven, goal-oriented, and similar-minded individuals who moved between several places throughout their lives. We pride ourselves on being open-minded and unattached to any nationalistic ideologies.

Being NotTrees is not equal to belonging to nothing. We belong to our humanity, and with that comes a deep respect and appreciation for values that connects us, and an opposition of anything that works against these values.

Who is our target audience?

Our target audience is everyone! Though in reality, some countries are more “encouraging” for its citizens to leave than others, so initially there will be more focus towards those, and this is why the content is mainly in Arabic with future plans to add more languages.

What we do

  • Original content in the form of videos and articles revolving around:
    • How to find a chance to move abroad?
    • Everything you need to know before your relocation
    • Important information during your move
    • Tips and resources after arrival to your chosen destination
  • Sharing latest news related to travel and immigration
  • Help locating information from its official sources
  • Present inspiring and fun content through our social media channels

What we do not do

  • Doing your homework!
    As we said, we encourage, inspire, and advice. The rest is on you!

  • Presenting fraud-helping content.
    Our goal is to help and advice whoever want to achieve their goals in fairness, not through fraudulent/illegal ways.

  • Provide information on asylum seeking.

How can you help us?

If you like the idea, please spread the word and share our content with your friends.

If you would like to contribute with your original content, please get in touch on [email protected]